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The Daily Maintenance Methods of NC Roller Feeder

Posted on by Jack Wang

In order to guarantee the function and the security of the NC roller feeder,please keep the following check frequently:
1、Please coat the wheel gear with butter and complement change gear oil;
2、Please check on if there is any dirt or other things between the gear of the NC roller feeder;
3、Please check on if any connective screws and nuts between each structure are loose;
4、Please check on if the feeding rollers are keep good parallel degree;
5、Please check on if there is any damaged or transmutative appearance;
6、Please check on whether the NC roller feeder's operation panel and the switch on it are abnormal.
NC roller feeder can reduce the bending deformationof the material, reduce the processing dead zone,adopt high torque servo motor of high precision, long operating life and high accuracy driver,precision ball screw, high-performance straight rolling guide rail, can satisfy the various requirements of the stamping process.