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The difference between simple receiving frame and standard receiving frame

Posted on by LIHAO Chris

The simple receiving frame reel adopts seamless pipe turning molding, does not contain the material head clamping device, the tile width is narrow, the inner hole roundness after the receiving material is poor, the material head needs to be bent on the tile with manpower bending, using the edge of the tile to pull the material head coil round。This material rack needs to be used in conjunction with the Power rack. More suitable for less than 2mm, sub-finished product width below 200mm occasions.

 Standard receiving rack with automatic hydraulic jaws. Reel using 45# steel coil circle, jaws for 45# cast steel casting molding, all assembly molding after the overall processing and molding of the outer circle. The head of the material is automatically clamped by the jaws, and the roundness is good after receiving the material. can be applied to different material thickness and sub-strip finished material width of the use, the receiving rack also needs to be used with the power frame.