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What are the advantages of using an automatic feeder?

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The automatic feeder, that is, the automatic feeding equipment that can complete a workflow without personnel guard after setting the parameters, not only improves the production efficiency, but also greatly reduces the occurrence of safety accidents and saves the expenses of personnel. Raised the company's earnings.

In order to meet the needs of the market, the types of feeder in various enterprises have been constantly updated. It has been developed that three-in-one feeder, two-in-one feeder, NC servo feeder, swing feeder, high-speed roller feeder, clip feeder, belt feeder, and so on, have been developed in one-in-one, two-in-one feeder, NC servo feeder, and so on. Air automatic feeder and other types, the following will introduce you to the current hot, popular NC servo feeder advantages:


Easy to use:

1, Small model, small footprint, that is, buy-and-fit, even self-installation can be installed in 2 hours.

 2,Power connection, wiring, test flow is simple, ordinary electrician can complete this operation. 2, feeding, setting parameters and other simple steps, can be completed by one person, without the assistance of others.

 3, The fuselage and the electronic control box for separate design, can achieve long-distance control, electronic control box installed with casters, can be replaced at any time.

 4, In addition to the man-machine interface (touch operation screen) also equipped with the operation handle, do not need to open the protective top cover to operate.

5, All parts of the mechanical regulation can be directly operated, no disassembly and other cumbersome steps.

二、 pplicability:

1, For all kinds of hardware, electronics, electrical appliances, toys and automotive parts of the continuous stamping processing materials.

 2, For different specifications of coil, strip, sheet and other metal materials feeding processing.

 3, For different thickness, different length, different materials of metal materials feeding processing.

4, Can be used with all kinds of punch, plate cutting machine, hydraulic press, forming machine, laser cutting machine and other processing machines.


1, Head power, transmission part of the roller, gears are covered with protective cover, more safe.

2, Feeding roller hidden, small clearance between rollers, and a baffle to block apart from the feeding space.

3, The electric control box set up the emergency stop button separately, avoid the accident that injures the person to injure the machine.

4, Factory testing is carried out to ensure the accuracy of operation and the stability of the machine.


 1, Japan Anchuan servomotor (optional), ensure that its long-term use will not affect its feeding accuracy.

 2, The use of high sensitivity decoder, feedback precision, more accurate feeding accuracy.

3, Equipped with time gauge belt drive, eliminate gear clearance, wear very little, no noise, and no lubrication.

 4,Gear after gromping-tooth surface-heat treatment-finishing-normalizing-rough machining-semi-finishing-turning-roller-gear shaper-heat treatment-finishing process, gear grade up to 6, high wear resistance, high strength, long life.

  1. By preheating (spheroidizing annealing)-turning-milling-medium-frequency-coarse grinding-finishing-electroplating processes, the roller maximizes the accuracy, concentric degree, finish and hardness, and prolongs the service life of the roller.

五、 conomy:

 1,Small fuselage, small footprint, enterprises can save a lot of space for reproduction.

2,High efficiency, one person can achieve multi-machine simultaneous operation, care, reduce personnel costs.

 3, The early stage investment is small, the output is big, creates more profit space for the enterprise.

4, Stable and reliable, can be 24-hour continuous production, near zero fault. 5, the later maintenance is simple, the failure rate is small, the spare parts replacement cost is low.

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