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which feeder is good?

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  Nowadays, Feeder in all major fields have been widely used, whether small and medium-sized enterprises or large enterprises, we can see all kinds of feeders work figure, whether light industry or heavy industry,it has the corresponding feeder can be competent. Convenient, fast, accurate, efficient and other advantages so that feeder in the stamping industry has become a popular product

Now the feeder has become an indispensable automation equipment in the stamping industry, all kinds of manufacturers and distributors are also gradually increasing, greatly promote the development of the feeder industry, speed up the improvement of the feeder, improve the variety of feeder, so that the feeder more able to meet customers’ needs.

The improvement of the variety of feeders make customers to have more choices, but some bad manufacturers in order to maximize profits in the feeder industry, to use some substandard components, the material of machines also do not meet the using of standards, at all costs to reduce costs, regardless of product quality, resulting in customer use when the feed is unstable, What's more, the machine after being sold completely regardless, this kind of manufacturers have brought a great negative impact on the industry, customers is also anxious when they want to purchase. So which feeder is good?

Which one is more worth buying and more trustworthy? The following will answer your questions.

When you choose to purchase feeders, you should think about its strength, reputation, industry experience, research and development capabilities and other conditions to choose, with better conditions of the manufacturer's product quality will be better. Among them, Linghao machinery in the industry has a very good reputation, products have been unanimously praised.

Linghao machinery, is a set design, manufacturing, service, trade in one of the specialized manufacturing enterprises, in the industry for 16 years, has accumulated a large number of experience, and is the main supplier of domestic punch peripheral equipment.

The company has strong technical force, and it sets up a research and development center, hired the industry famous person Professor Jiang Xixian as a technical consultant, but also concentrated a group of industry has a wealth of experience professionals people. The company purchases a large amount of funds to purchase production, testing equipment, the production of product performance, accuracy have reached the advanced level of the same industry.

The company's products cover the air automatic feeder, high-speed roller feeder, NC servo feeder, two-in-one feeder, three in one feeder, leveling feeder, light, heavy material rack, transverse shear production line and mold, etc.,now it is the introduction of a new NC servo feeder and two-in-one feeder, the quality of more improved.

In addition to standard products, it also provide a full range of product Customization services, the company according to the parameters and requirements provided by customers to design, provide technical solutions, confirmed to meet the requirements can be produced, as far as possible to meet the needs of different areas.

The company not only produces high-quality products, but also provide perfect after-sales service, so far in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wuhan, Ningbo, Hefei and overseas India and other places has been set up nearly 20 sales and service outlets, and set up a set of perfect service system, timely resolution of customer problems.

  • The service of company:

Free Pre-Sales Services: Machine tool selection, process solutions and other services.

   Free of charge to provide installation, commissioning, training and other services.

Repair reaction time: Arrive at the repair site within 12-24 hours after receiving the guarantee notice.

   Repair speed: Ensure that 90% fault equipment can be repaired within 2 hours after the maintenance technical personnel arrived at the repair site (including replacement parts).

Maintenance period: The first year (12 months) is a free maintenance period.

Maintenance service after the maintenance period: replacement spare parts only charge cost, to open, fair and fair principle of customer service.

Regularly follow up the customer's use of equipment, guide to solve some of the actual production problems, and the general manager of the maintenance department director, supervise the quality of maintenance services.

Provide industry information to customers on a regular basis.


Warm tip: At present, the punch all over equipment manufacturing industry is prevalent in a large number of machine tool parts outsourcing to save costs, and the company invested a lot of advanced processing equipment, always adhere to their own production of all important parts, to maximize control of product quality, reliability and effectiveness, and transfer these benefits to the end user.


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