Shenzhen, China

1.Production Line Features

The line is for metal key production, which consists of uncoiler straightener 2 in 1 machine, high speed roller feeder, high speed press machine and punching dies.

The raw coil is copper coil,the line is designed according to customer’s demand, It is automatic production line, few operator, but high efficiency production, easy to operate.

We also have other similar metal hardware production lines, such as small rator, stator, terminal, contactor, etc.

Contact us for more detail information.Provide your metal hardware products information,we will give a proposal for you.


2.Production Process

Sheet metal coil - Uncoiler - Straightener - Feeder - Press machine - Mold - Product

3.Finished Product & Related Products

4.Details of Machine


CL Series 2 In 1 MachineSuitable for the leveling straighening and material output of all kinds of metal sheet.

NC Roller Feeder: Low malfunction, easy maintenance


5.Suitable Materials

Brass or others.



Automatic Metal Key Blanking Line: Click here